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or Couples Sessions


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Common Topics


What does love mean to you? Your answer will be just as different from everyone else’s, and that’s why how we love and how we define love creates one of the biggest issues in our relationships. We don´t understand each other’s love (how it is given and received), in particular our own. From the moment we are born into society we create our understanding and definition of love. Unconditional love is almost not possible, because we have to fulfill others expectations to be loved. Because of this, love can turn into hatred, lovesickness, abuse, toxic love, jealousy, rage and cheating.

THE GOAL is to figure out your understanding of love by answering questions like: How do I define love? How do I give love to others? How do I want to receive love? The ultimate question to answer is: Does it make you happy how you love and how you are loved? If not, a change is necessary.


Sex sells! We’re surrounded by and manipulated by media that gives us false perceptions about the reality of sex. The media’s sexual perceptions compared to how we learned about sex from our parents, culture or religion clash. This clash creates conflicting perceptions about what sex really is and makes it more difficult to talk about our sexual needs or fantasies. The feelings of shame, guilt, and fear influence our sexual life and cause sexual disorders, disturbed self-image, and relationship dissatisfaction.

THE GOAL is to learn how to talk about your sexuality, needs and fantasies. The more you become comfortable to share your thoughts with your partner the more your life will feel fulfilled.


Lack of communication creates disconnection in relationships. Although many couples struggle with communication, they lack the awareness to strive for change by asking for help. Many perceive problems as weakness, and rather than working to communicate better, they hide their conflicts. The reality is that not opening up about problems or learning how to effectively communicate in a relationship causes depression, dissatisfaction and unhappiness, and could lead to hatred, rage, cheating and divorce.

THE GOAL is to find your individual way of communicating about problems without fear or anger. Fulfilling relationships stem from following a process to develop proper communication tools. 

Sexual disorders & dysfunctions

Most of us feel helpless when dealing with the topics of sexual disorders and dysfunctions. People with sexual disorders and dysfunctions often keep their issues a secret which creates loneliness. Often this loneliness is coupled with the misperception of weakness which makes people reluctant to seek help or advice. Sexual disorders like vaginismus, desire disorders, orgasm disorders, arousal disorders, erectile dysfunction, premature or inhibited ejaculation, stimulation disorder, sexual pain disorders, sex addiction, asexuality are common and shouldn´t be seen as a failure or weakness.

THE GOAL is to clarify your disorder and rather than hide it, learn effective methods to incorporate into your life to work towards a solution.


The sad reality is that abusive relationships exist and will most likely always exist. With the #MeToo movement women and men are talking about this once closeted topic. Sharing stories and experiences helps the collective consciousness and creates more awareness. Change occurs when we understand how and why abuse happens, and we create more understanding about the various kinds of abuse, where abuse happens and how. 

THE GOAL is to help you deal with your abusive experience and how to end the cycle of abuse.


According to the latest statistics from the World Health Organization, depression affects over 300 million people worldwide. What is the underlying cause of the depression epidemic and how does it develop? Depression has many faces with different causes. Medication is often recommended to treat depression, but learning the underlying causes of depression can also help. Rather than fighting depression like an enemy, accepting it as a teacher to delve deeper may be a good strategy.

THE GOAL is understanding what your depression wants to tell you. We will work to pinpoint the underlying causes of sadness, fear and unhappiness in your life. Once we identify your triggers, you can develop new awareness to create change.