Meet me

Meet me

Hi, I’m Viktoria a Love, Sexuality and Relationship Coach and the Founder of Kiss Your Shame.

I’m a kölsche Mädche (a girl from Cologne, Germany) who now lives in the Chicagoland area after an American man stole my German and Polish heart. My background is in massage therapy and sexual therapy utilizing a Relationship Dynamic Theory approach. For 13 years, I worked in Germany helping clients with sexual disorders, traumatic life events, and blockages stemming from physical and mental abuse. 

My questions for you are:

  • How much sadness and disappointment can you endure in your life? 
  • When will you stop saying everything is fine even when your body and mind tell you otherwise?
  • In my professional experience, I’ve witnessed too many people who deal with too much trauma without feeling vulnerable enough to seek help.  

In my own life, I’ve struggled with mental and physical abuse as well as violence and alcoholism in my family. All of these traumas caused me depression, mistrust, feelings of worthlessness and disconnection because I wasn’t able to talk about my pain. I received a wake up call when my best friend died from cancer followed by my own cancer diagnosis. When I allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to share my story and said goodbye to my shame, fear, and guilt that were blocking my healing, I started living the life I wished to live. 

I offer you a holistic approach to help you see the big picture of your situation by considering both the body and the mind. The journey to yourself is the best gift you can give yourself. Change is always possible when you are ready to seek it; living in love with fulfillment is always possible when you are ready to accept it. Make the first step to take control of your own path. I’m here. I want to listen. I want to feel and hear your story. Let me bring you back to your strength through vulnerability.  

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