kiss your shame

To “kiss your shame” means to accept shame, bring awareness to how shame has impacted your life, and release it. When you are open and vulnerable enough to “kiss our shame” you can liberate yourself from the past and delve deeper into topics related to love, sexuality, and relationship dynamics. This process brings awareness to the related issues that cause problems in everyday life like miscommunications, conflicts, and disappointments. During this process of kissing your shame, I will guide you in understanding how traumatic situations in your life impacted your understanding and experience of sexuality. I will also present insights and approaches that can give you greater awareness of how you think, feel, and act in all of your relationships. 

the mission

I aim to promote individuality, to support authenticity, and to keep an open dialogue about topics that are often considered taboo. Every part of our individual stories influences how we love and live in our present relationships. When we gain clarity of our past traumas, especially dealing with our sexuality, we can heal in the present to live a more fulfilling future. Evolving into our best versions of ourselves and living our happiest lives means maintaining a healthy attitude towards our own sexuality. 

the method

Utilizing Behavioral and Interpersonal Systems Theories, I will guide you on a path towards healing. My education, training and work in Germany combined sexual therapy, relationship dynamics, as well as body therapy. For groups, couples or individuals, I provide a holistic body and mind approach with the goal of deeper awareness of how you think and feel. My goal is to teach you healthier patterns of being – in both body and mind – that will help you heal and lead a more fulfilling life.